• Rice Milling Line and Precooked Maize Flour Line Delivery to Venezuela
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      The 50T/Day rice milling line and 10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line are ready for delivery to Venezuela. It took 3 days to load 7 large containers. Thanks you all, especially the hard-working colleagues who struggled in the workshop and loading site. Thank you for your efforts!

      After many rounds of comparison, Venezuelan customers finally chose our company to design and build their 50T/Day rice milling line and 10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line. And Our design, manufacturing and service have also been highly recognized and evaluated by the customers!


      50T/Day rice milling line process design and features:
      10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line process design and features:
      1. Process design: raw material grinding - raw material plus agitation - feeding - extrusion - cooling - grinding - (filling)
      2. Equipment configuration: Crusher - Mixer - Feeder - screw extruder - Hoist - Multi-layer cooling box -  Crusher - (Filling machine)

      The equipment configuration of 10T/Hour maize precooked flour production line: 
      1. Mixing powder machine: according to different production lines, different types of mixing powder machine are used.
      2. Feeder: it uses the motor as a power screw conveyor to ensure quick and easy loading.
      3. Extruder: according to different production lines, different types of TSE extruders are used. The output can range from 100kg/h to 600kg/h. Corn flour, wheat flour and rice flour can be used as raw materials to produce expanded particles.
      4. Hoist: the pellets are conveyed to the oven. The height of the hoist is determined according to the oven. Air blasters are also available.
      5. Multi-layer oven: oven is electric type. The temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet. And baking time can be adjusted according to speed.
      6. Crusher: According to the requirements of nutritional powder, choose different crushers to crush.
      End-product Features: Highly puffed, uniform powder, good water-solubility, without any additives. 
      For more products information, please feel free to contact us via
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