• Экспорт в США - Линия для очистки зерна 5т /ч
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      Экспорт в США - Линия для очистки зерна 5т /ч:

      This is a modern seed cleaning and sorting line designed by Win Tone that brings artificial intelligence and internet connectivity to local agri-business of N.Y.State. This line can maximize product purity while handling with the utmost care for your various seeds, such as wheat, barley, soybeans, kidney beans, black beans, peas, vegetable seeds, buckwheat, etc.


      The line includes a pre-cleaner, air stream cleaner, de-stoner, a magnetic cleaner, gravity cable, and a polisher, all with suction for dust control.





      United with this in the holistically designed facility is the optical color seed sorting machine which uses artificial intelligence to do a visual analysis of every seed of any type orsize, even down to mustard seeds. It also sorts out diseased seeds, greatly decreasing the spread of plant pathogens.


      Thanks to our senior installation engineer-Mr. Xu, who stayed at the client’farm during the project for more than one month. Mr. Xu has overseen construction of similar lines in 22 countries around the world, but this is the first in the U.S. His professional competence is highly recognized by customers.

      (New York Commissioner ofAgriculture Richard Ball greets Mr. Xu.)

      Pictures of processed seeds:






      Our client Klaas evaluates our project like this:

      Your machines are strongly built. The motors and gear reductions are very heavy. They are built stronger than American made electric motors.

      When our cleaning line is completed, we are interested in getting a price for a dedusting system to install in our animal feed mill. 

      Thank you, Klaas! We just build each processing line as though we are building it for ourselves. We know the most important thing to you is to receive the highest return on your product with top quality. Win Tone prides itself in giving back the best product for your seeds processing!

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